Sunday, July 1, 2012

A year already....

So obviously I haven't been that great at doing anything with this blog :(  My best friend just told me that she is starting a blog so she has inspired me to get going on this again.  Wow, a lot has happened this past year!  Actually, starting today, July 1st, my hubby is no longer an intern!  He made it through his first year of residency!  I could not be more proud of him!  He has worked so hard.  The hours have been grueling but he has done absolutely wonderful through it (even if he is miserable most of the time  :(  He worked last night so now he is getting some much deserved rest.

This first year in Dallas has been great for me.  I absolutely love my job!  I work with the most amazingly brave kiddos.  My co-workers are great as well and I made several close friends.  One of my closest friends, sadly for me, has moved to Boston with her boyfriend.  I know it is a great opportunity for her but not so much for me.  In the time that I met her we have done 10 races including 3 triathlons and 2 half marathons, she was my racing buddy. I guess the silver lining to her leaving is that this next race season I will save a lot of money since I probably won't do as many.  Hopefully early next year I can make a trip to see her!

My mom made a trip out here a few months ago and it was so great to see her!  It is crazy how fast the time flies!  I haven't been home since December and J hasn't been home since we moved last summer!  We are hoping to make a trip for Thanksgiving!  I can't wait and I know it will be here before I know it.    My dad will be here next week and we are going to have a great time.  He loves to try new restaurants and shops as much as I do so I foresee a lot of that happening :) month my best friend Mikki (check out her blog will be here!!!  I visited her in Charlotte in February and this will be her first time in Dallas!  Her husband and my hubs when to medical school together in Florida.  Our foursome was split up when he got accepted to residency in Charlotte.  I miss her so very much and hopefully one day we can live near each other again.  For now phone calls, mail and Skype will have to do.

Oh, how could I forget, we moved!  I swore to myself that when we moved her we were not going to go through that hassle ever again (at least for three more years)!  But, the one bedroom apartment, high-rise living was just getting old.  We found a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse about 6 minutes from the hospital and moved in a couple weeks ago.  The place is a tri-level so from the front door to our bedroom there are 36 steps!!  Moving things was a pain in the butt!  My calves were on fire the next day!  I am so glad we made the move though because this new place is amazing.  So much more room! I am not even sure where we put all this stuff in our old place :)  I'm looking forward to spending the next two years here!

Alright I think that's it for now.  I promise to keep up this on a regular basis.


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