Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love my job!!

I have been at my new job here in Dallas for a little over a month now and I absolutely love what I do and the people I work with. I am a pediatric oncology nurse and I cannot imagine doing anything else. Yes, it is hard at times but I would say the times when I see the kids laughing and playing far outweigh the bad. Working with this group of kids has really made me questions certain things in life; like what is really important to me. I know I can't always live my life like something bad is going to happen and I need to enjoy the things I have. I am working on doing that and being thankful for what I am blessed with. It really is a great feeling though, to wake up and go to a job that I love!

J started his residency about a month ago as well and so far it hasn't been that bad (I know I will regret that statement very soon)! He is starting out on a rotation that only requires him working a few times a week and only about 6 hours a day. Next month he starts at the hospital so his hours are going to be much much worse. I think at this point he is ready to really start working and seeing patients. He is going to be a great doctor! I am so proud of him.

My mom came to visit last week and we had so much fun! It was so great to have her here and to run errands, shop and try new restaraunts. She is such a spontaneous person so if we saw something we liked we went to it. J isn't really like that so it's fun to get to do that with my mom. I really miss my family but I am starting to feel like Dallas is home. I think my dad is having a harder time though with us being so far away. I can tell that he really misses us. He is hopefully planning a trip out here soon. I would like to go home for a weekend but right now plane tickets are so expensive!!

Well that's all for now! Hopefully we will hit up the park later today. Enjoy your saturday!


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